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After meeting the one and only, Misha Wilson, in Maui a few weeks ago.  In the Affiliate Marketing World there are many people to learn from, but to me Misha has the ethics and ability to run a multi million dollar business at the ripe old age of 26.  He has been where we all have been.

He has lost thousands of dollars and borrowed money to stay in the game and even had to



Happy Therapy

About 4 years ago I was at a crossroads in my life.  I knew I was miserable in my job, I knew my marriage was not going to go the long run, the kids knew it… But where do you start.

I started working on myself.  I guess most people call it a mid-life crisis.  But that feels over-dramatic and doesn’t quite fit how it felt.  I think we all have a time in our lives where we realize subconsciously something just doesn’t feel right.  The difference between us and others is that some people chose to follow that feeling, and do something different, and others press on regardless as John Bogle would say.

I was taught to stay in it.  As my deranged mom would say, if he’s not beating you, stay.  I guess this mentality shows I was a product of being born in the ’60’s.  Oh, and my father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the military so “suck it up” was a pretty strong message.  He made sure you knew what he said goes.

Later on, a monumental moment for me was trying to tell my father when he was close to dying, that my marriage hadn’t worked out…He cried that night.  My dads favorite nursing aid told me after he died.  I am glad I wasn’t there to see that.  It would have crushed me.

So back to Happy therapy…After 4 years of sitting on the couch I was told, maybe you should try being happy for once.  Wow, I’m suffering from PTSD, just get happy.  My first thought was are you F-ing CRAZY.  Yeah, I want to kill myself to escape the pain, but just try being happy for once.

I look back now, after thinking about that and realize, that was the best advice I had ever received, I just wasn’t in a place where I could hear it.  It took a while for it to sink in.  It was like a great bottle of liquor that just needs its time …